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Lights UFO Sighting from Westville, Indiana July 02 2021

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I live in Westville, IN. Last night July 2nd I was sitting outside to try to catch some free fireworks in my subdivision. I stepped out of my porch area to view the clear night sky. On the opposite end of my street where no fireworks, parties, or sound were coming from, I saw four orbs of lights swarming in the sky.

They stayed the same shape, but some seemed closer and some seemed farther. I got my phone camera ready right away as I was sure I was seeing something strange in the
    sky, but my camera would not pick up the light of the orbs in the sky, so I continued to stand there and watch for as long as I could, being a total of ten plus

The four orbs swarmed out from a center point, some flying closer to me and some farther as the ''larger'' ones were flying closer, and that's why they appeared larger, and the smaller appeared smaller because they were farther. I just used common sense as I was viewing them, so I could tell they were actually all the same size and shape, all moving very fast throughout the sky and meeting at the center point approximately every three seconds.

They flew in the
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