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Lights UFO Sighting from Westville, Indiana July 02 2021

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  repeated swarming pattern almost like on a flat plane connecting at the center point over and over repeatedly for ten minutes. They looked similar to a strobe light circling in the same pattern but very high in the sky with no trail of light like a strobe light normally has. Again there was no party or sound coming from that side of the street or the end of the neighborhood.

It also looked like if it was a strobe light or lights being projected from the ground, it would have
    been coming from a field that was outside the subdivision and not from one of the homes nearby in the subdivision. I also doubt a strobe light can be seen that
high and move that fast in the sky. The event lasted over ten minutes.

Also after watching the orbs for the first five minutes, I then saw at least three to five planes come out and fly near where I was seeing these orbs. The planes seemed to fly right past but not at the same height as the orbs. All the planes came from the same direction appearing at different times but all within three minutes of each other after orbs being in sky for five minutes. One or two planes flew
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