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Lights UFO Sighting from Westville, Indiana July 02 2021

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  above the orbs, one flying lower to the ground and under the orbs and one seemed to fly by the side of them.

The way that the events occurred it appeared to me that the planes got in the air as soon as they heard about the sighting or saw the sighting themselves or on some radar. It took them exactly five minutes to get up in the air to try to see what was going on it seemed. I'm unsure on what I saw, but I didn't see anyone else standing outside who could also be considered
    a witness, except the individuals at the other end of the street who were farther from the orbs, and they were having a party and fireworks at the other end of
the street.

Also my internet connection was terrible the night during and after the event, and I also saw the night sky flash brightly multiple times while I was watching the orbs and after they were gone. The flash was not lightning nor thunder, but something managed to light up the whole sky for a millisecond a couple of times at the same time the orbs were present.

I wish I had a better camera to have it recorded. The best I could do to recreate this event is to make
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