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Orb UFO Sighting from Tecopa, California 2005

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I'm not sure of the month, but it was either September or October of 2005. My co-worker and I went to soak at Tecopa Hot Springs. We left around 9:30 or 10 p.m. Ten minutes heading out of Tecopa Hot Springs on our way home to Las Vegas, an elderly couples truck had broken down.

We passed them, but my friend Carol looked at me and said, ''I have to go back, Kim, and help them. There's nothing out here, and it's late.'' Tecopa is pitch black dark at night. There were
    no street lights on Tecopa Road or Old Spanish Highway, and there were no cars. Back in 2005 there were no cell towers. I had a Samsung flip phone with no reception,
and there was no way to use it until you were closer to HWY 160, so there was no communication! I want to bring that up.

We circled back, and the they were happy to see us. The elderly husband said he would stay by the truck and asked if we could take his wife to their daughter's house, which was on the way back to Las Vegas a little bit before Highway 160. I knew that there were small houses and mobil homes right on that corner of Old Spanish Highway and Highway 160, so this
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Submitted by: Kim

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