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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Lawton, Oklahoma August 29 2021

In the south end of Lawton by New York Street. I heard a strange repeated wooshing sound that seemed to echo in all directions. I looked out an open window and saw a triangle-shaped object with colorful lights at the bottom moving in strange ways.
The closer it got the more it looked like the whole object was vibrating and moving through pulses. The sound stopped and it disappeared towards the other side of the block looking like it was veering before it disappears completely.
    I was wide awake not drunk or medicated not on a substance. My pets all started freaking out.

    - Posted by Lee Mcbride

Comments and Replies:

Dear Lee McBride,

Regarding your story ''Triangular Object/UFO Sighting from Lawton, Oklahoma'':

I wouldn't say, that I necessarily
saw the same type of object you observed, but the strange medium-sized triangular craft, that followed and paced my car for several miles, one night in October of 2004, between Pioneer High School and the town of Waukomis, was definitely a creepy and eye-opening experience for me!

So, who knows what you are I saw, on our respective day and/or night?!

Thanks for sharing your story and reading my comments.

= = =

Sincerely, Mike W. Bandit / Enid, Oklahoma / Monday, September 13th, 2021.
    - comment by Mike W. Bandit


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