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Craft UFO Sighting from Mountain Home A F B, Idaho 1973

It is a long story, but the important part is that I and at least four to five friends were at a reservoir close to Anderson Dam close to Mtn Home, ID in the summer of 1973, and we saw seven craft. They were the kind that were in straight lines with just white lights, but they were split into two straight line formations.

One to our left on to our right but out in front of us. The most obvious thing was how there would be four craft on one side and three on the other. Then suddenly two
    might blink off, and then they would blink on on the other side, so that now there might be four on one side and three on the other. Then they'd blink, and there
were five on one side and two on the other.

Although I never witnessed at any time that one might be alone on one side, but they kept blinking one due to another. It was not constant. They may hover for a minute or so then a blink maneuver. We all saw it and kept checking ourselves by yelling what the count and new blink location to one another, partially freaking out and also giggling, almost a gallows laughter. It was very strange, very beautiful, and very life changing. My name is Alita, and I live in Clermont, FL close to Orlando and wanted to add this report . Thank you.

    - Posted by Alita


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