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Disc UFO Sighting from Grizzly Flats, California 1980

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My brother and I were playing outside. We lived in Grizzly Flats next to a trucking road surrounded by huge pines, mountains, and dense forests. It was beautiful, and that day was bright, clear, and sunny. We were home alone with a single mother. It was typical in the 1980s for kids to be home alone at a young age. At the time we were between seven or eight years old. Most people might find a child's account or credibility of what I saw as an over active imagination.

I was
    playing on this hill at the front side of the house alone. My brother for what ever reason went into the house. The hill sat between a gravel side road and our
large gravel driveway. Everything went quiet, and in that moment the ground started to shake. It was an earthquake. I was scared and tried to stand grabbing onto a small tree to get up. Then it stopped, and that was when I heard it.

I silent hum. It is really hard to explain. It was like you felt a hum more than you heard it. I remember looking up, and there was a massive disc. It appeared to be metal and had lines running all along the exterior. It looked like it had lights,
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