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Circular Object UFO Sighting from Blanch, North Carolina 2020

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While working to adjust my LTE antenna nearing sunset, I saw a weird object crossing the top of my house. My initial impression was it looked like space junk and was very CGI-like despite me seeing it in person. One side reflected the sun setting very brightly as it rotated rapidly, and there seemed to be two 'stars' that were following it very high up. I called my wife to take a look, and she saw it pass by. I told her to get our camera, but by the time she got it and was outside,
    the object was gone to the north past the tree line.

As we stood there discussing, the object came back from the north and just stood there still in the
sky north of us. I used our camera to try to take a video or pictures as it just stood there, but the results just showed a black dot. After five to ten minutes of standing still, it went back north rapidly. My wife and others think it was a drone, but me being the only one who saw it directly from underneath and the closest it got, I disagree because of the following 'stars' up above, and the thing looked very odd and unreal ('space junk').

Hard to tell, but it wasn't flying
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