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Lights UFO Sighting from Albert Lea, Minnesota July 09 2022

Last night around 10:25PM, I was sitting on the dock of my friends cottage located on Albert Lea Lake. During this time there was a sudden flash in the sky above us, vertical in formation, that sent an unseen object at super speeds heading North. There was a resounding sound, like ''whoosh'', and a short gust of wind that came across the lake.
At no time did we identify an object in the sky prior to the flash. As the object moved North why we saw was hazy space in line with
    the direction of the object, so nothing with a solid foundation and no residual smoke from the flash or in the path of the object.
Immediately following this
two what we assumed stars in the sky began in move in rapid succession converging on an area. One of the objects stopped and held its position for the remainder of our time outside while the other covered nearly 3/4 of the space in our linear view in less than 90 seconds. Two eye witnesses but no video to confirm the above.

    - Posted by BK


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