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Circular Object UFO Sighting from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico 1980

I must have been around nine or ten years old, and we lived in Guanajibo homes. To get to town we have to pass about a 2-mile strip where one side is the ocean with big rocks by the water to keep the water from moving into the road and to stop cars from ping into the water. On the other side there was wet lands. Every time we passed by there I was scared to fall in the water being it was a small road with a 2-way going traffic with big trucks going trough the road.

    parents never wanted to get in to conversation of adults, but I knew what I saw. Between Isla Ratón there was what appeared to be a ball off fire with a flat shape
that stood there for about a week without moving, maybe more. (Time was not important to me.) You could see helicopters flights on above but not too close. I saw the silver ship every morning going to school and afternoon going home and sometimes at night but as a fire ball.

It was all over the news and newspapers. One day it was gone, and the government confirmed that it was students from the university doing a project that it was actually a balloon and not a ship. I know that it wasn't true. I know what I saw, and many others did as well. This was early eighties.

    - Posted by Adeline


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