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Lights UFO Sighting from Kayenta, Arizona August 01 2022

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I'm writing this on the account of my parents who witnessed this while I was asleep in the back of the car. This sighting happened about five miles outside of Kayenta, Arizona. While driving on the dark and desolate 1-60 road in the mountains, it was heavily raining. At approximately 3:30 a.m. they suddenly saw a flashing light about a hundred feet off the ground in the distance going faster than the car. They figured it must have been the train. Once they caught up to it, it disappeared
    completely. Thinking nothing of it, they kept driving until the light disappeared. Then half a minute later the same flashing light suddenly appeared on the left
side of the car now pointing right at them and seemingly following at the same speed as the car. My dad stopped the car to make sure it wasn't any sort of airplane or helicopter. They rolled the windows down, and it was completely silent, but the light continued flashing directly at them. My mom got scared telling my dad to continue driving, and my dad did but didn't roll the window back up and kept observing the flashing light.

Once they started driving, the light started following
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