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Cigar Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Grayson Carter County, Kentucky 1980

My mom when she was in her younger was out driving home with her sisters and cousin when suddenly at the top of this hill where a abandoned house sits a giant oval / cigar shaped craft hovering over the house. They see it and it sees them, and they speed off. The saucer proceeds to chase them for over a quarter mile over multiple hills country and county roads wooded areas and even into the edge of town which is highly populated it scared the ever loving hell out of them. And they
    were going about 100 mph the whole way with it on they're tails until they got into town they told their mom who didn't really believe them and thought they were
drinking. She still brings this up but more so now with the full disclosure that happened last year.

    - Posted by Jewell Flaugher


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