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Cylindrical Object UFO Sighting from Falkville, Alabama 1973

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Remember this was pre-internet and a very rural area in north Alabama, so the only televised news reports of any unusual events were relegated to the prime-time evening network newscasts from either CBS, ABC, or NBC. I was riding in the front seat of my grandmother's VW sitting on the front edge of the seat, so I could hold-on to the little handle above the glove compartment. We were on Nanceford Road near the Penn farm with pastures on each side of the road. Then back about fifty
    yards were mature forests on both sides.

I was looking at the sky at about a seventy-degree angle, and I saw a pewter-colored cylinder fly out of the tree
line from my right. Then it was directly above the car just slightly ahead of us, so I could see up into the exposed underside. It was metallic in appearance and did not appear to make any noise as it tracked along above the car. I was about eight years old and stuttered so horribly especially when I became emotionally excited that I was frozen in panic unable to speak. I was unable tell my grandmother what was happening. I was able to point upwards through the windshield, but the angle  
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