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Cylindrical Object UFO Sighting from Falkville, Alabama 1973

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  was too steep for my grandmother to see what I was looking at.

The 'craft' must have accomplished its goal or lost interest because it zoomed very quickly to the other side of the road and disappeared behind the tree line. That night the local sheriff was contacted by a lady who was screaming in fear because she said a spaceship with flashing lights had landed in the pasture outside her house. The sheriff traveled to the area and was met by a tall humanoid-looking being in a
    shiny metallic garment. There were polaroid pictures taken by that Sherrif Jeff G, and it made national news. An internet search for 'Falkville Space Monster' may
contain more details that'd satisfy any lingering details.

This event occurred very shortly after two fishermen in Mississippi had claimed to have been abducted by an alien craft where the occupants was sketched based upon their description. If you are more curious now, search 'Mississippi fishermen abducted' and compare the sketch of their encounter with the photos taken by sheriff Jeff paying close attention to the 'hands' of the being in the photographs and the curious similarity of the sketch description.

    - Posted by Rd


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