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Orbs UFO Sighting from Elko, Nevada August 23 2022

My husband and I were out on our balcony between 10pm and 2am so we can share a cigarette and look at the stars. Thatís when we noticed about 16 orb glowing white lights spread out in the sky. They seemed to have a red green and blue light glow that made the sky change the same way. Their movement was unlike anything we ever seen, looking like some were coming straight to earth the suddenly stopping and others would sway from left to right and the turn in a very strategic 30%
    angle. The white lights were so bright that the orbs looked as if they had light strings around the objects. We live off N 5th street and Copper st in Elko. We
are a little disturbed and curious about what we saw.

    - Posted by Anonymous 9156

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We want to share a video clip of what we saw on 8-24-22.

editor note: submitted video file corrupt.
    - comment by Anonymous 9156


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