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Orbs UFO Sighting from Elko, Nevada August 23 2022

So tonight my wife and I saw more of the unidentified objects in the sky. Originally we thought they were spherical in shape but after these pictures and video we took they are disc shaped with what appears to be a ring of cloud around them. We sure wish we can get some answers. God bless us all.

    - Posted by Anonymous 9156

Comments and Replies:
Wow! My wife and I saw the same object in Norfolk, Nebraska at about 8 in the morning! The object just hovered in the sky it didn't move. Looked metallic slightly pale white. We both just stopped and stared at it.
We were walking the block with our very young son and he caught our attention by the time we looked back it had vanished. Literally no sign of it. She would've never believed me had she not seen it with her own eyes.
    - comment by Arb0rist

My girlfriend and I saw a similar object appear move move and an alarming speed and disappear a second later. Shortly after we saw what looked like four jets in a square formation in the general area. This was in mass.
    - comment by Evan G


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Submitted by: Anonymous 9156

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