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Object UFO Sighting from Storm Lake, Iowa 2001

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A friend and I were leaning against my vehicle during the night approximately 9 p.m. While conversating we looked up, and there was an object about the size of a car with two lights, not white and not blue, but something in between. It moved in a way I had never seen before. The object was about 150 yards from us and was moving forward and backwards very quick leaving a faint light streak as it moved back and forward. The distance that it was covering from its back and forward
    movement was about ten to twenty yards. It made this back and forward movement for about five seconds and came to a point where it didn't stop as it was going forward.
It flew from Seneca Street where we were towards the east side of Storm Lake.

During this time there was no noise made from the object. It was very quiet and without any engine noise. We lost it as it took off maybe one minute or less. Later two jets flew over through the same spot this object was at. It seemed as if they had been chasing it. We both got scared, and my friend went in his house, and I drove back to mine. I will never forget this day. Since then I have seen
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