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Circular Object UFO Sighting from Muncie, Indiana 2005

Happened in Muncie was supposedly a plane exploded in the air but it was a huge circular object that took off once jets were scrambled to it and the explosion was the mock speed it took off at . It also was on the news I remember that before the commercials they were laughing and joking n when they came back on air there faces were stone serious.
Now I know when the news gets reports they usually get them from police scanner so they knew what was up. Later around 2009 I saw on
    a National Geographic show or something they were talking about the incident which to this day I cannot find but they were talking about how a jet plane and the
giant circular object n how the difference between the mock was to prove it wasn't a jet plane.
Any information on this would be very helpful. Please forward information to dlwj18 @yahoo. com.

    - Posted by David Jones


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