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Lights UFO Sighting from Kempner, Texas September 19 2022

We went outside on the porch and saw about 4-5 deer bucks out their with a very nice rack... Then I looked up to the sky and it seemed about maybe a block away when just out of nowhere it must of been about 30-50 small lights in a perfect one third of a circle...
When I asked my wife which was standing next to me and I said what is that... And she looked also stunned and said let's go get our phone cameras.. Which we're right their in the living room I would say it was maybe
    3-4 seconds...
And we came back out and looked-up and it was gone... In just a matter of second's it was gone!!! But the thing about it was that we both saw
the very same thing!!! Kind of like ''wow'' what did we just see? (''our first saucer experience'').

    - Posted by Richard & Sylvia Marquez


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