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Lights UFO Sighting from Jena, Louisiana November 22 2022

Has anyone dealt with cat like beings? I am a skeptic on mystic beliefs and external terrestrial, but I can't explain what's been going on around my home. I'm not the only one that's seen these things, and there are also things in the sky multiple kinds all night long. Some may be drones, but others are unlike any I've seen. Then to top it off there was a man standing in my chicken coop one night looking in the sky for hours. My friend asked what he was doing and he kept looking
    up. He shot close to him, and he didn't move. He didn't leave either. We didn't call the cops because it's to unbelievable, and they wouldn't have taken this seriously.
I got my kids out of bed, and we got out of there.

We haven't been back yet. I've been having this problem for months with people messing in my yard, but I thought it was some crazy kids on drugs stealing or charging their phone. I'm now staying at my mom's. Another UFO had a long chain hanging from it with some kind of ball with lights. (My skepticism would say it's some sort of drone, but coupled with the rest of the events I'm not so sure).

    - Posted by Alayna Taunton


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