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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Bangor, Maine July 2020

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I wish I could remember exactly when I saw the UFO. It must've been sometime between May and August 2020. I worked 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Dysart's Restaurant and Truckstop. I was driving home from there to Orrington where I lived with my boyfriend. I saw what I thought was the top of a tower in the distance. I told my boyfriend that I had never seen it before and that it was weird. It was completely still in the air, but I didn't recognize it. After a few minutes I asked him
    to pull over, and I got out of the car to look. I stood in front of the headlights and looked at it for a moment. It had three red flashing lights just like the
top of a tower. There was absolutely no one else on the road at that time.

After a moment of standing and looking at it I noticed that the red lights stopped blinking and turned on. Then white lights in between the red ones came on as well, and I could see that the craft was a triangle shape. At this point I still thought it was the top of the light tower. I felt frozen in fear when I saw it start to move. It descended slowly in a diagonal direction. It was completely silent and
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