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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Vaughn, Montana 2015

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  from me. When I looked for it later, it was cold and not smoking, so I am not sure how much time had passed.

When I opened my eyes, I was laying/resting on my chest face down in the dirt grass stuck to my face in the Alfalfa field. I had nothing in my brain. No memories at all or why I was on the ground. My mind started racing, and I almost panicked as I could not remember where or why I was on the ground in pain. I looked over my shoulder at my dad's log house. After a
    minute or so it all started racing back to me where I was and what I was doing, and my mind started asking what just happened to me. I walked in the house and asked
my dad and step mom how long I had been outside. Strangely enough neither of them could recollect how much time had passed, or how long I had been outside, or even how much time had passed. I found that a strange detail when I told them of my experience.

I left Montana and flew home the next day. The bloody spot on my temple of my face had the shape of a diamond, the shape kind of diamond not the shape of a jewelry diamond. The shape was like a mild birthmark and was there
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