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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Vaughn, Montana 2015

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  for well over two years. Then one day I noticed it was not there anymore. I have no explanation of what happened to me or why. I noticed that day being July 4th around 4 p.m. , and the sky was cloudy, again only being clear in the night time prior. I know something happened to me that day, and although I do not know exactly, I can say this. I have never had a convulsion or health issue like this, and I have never passed out or blacked out in my life. Nothing like this has ever happened
    to me prior or after ever again.

It is now 2023, and I am 53 years old. I did get knocked unconscious one time, and it was a very bad experience when I was
about 18. This experience was not painful other that the injuries I noticed when waking up. I have noticed a few strange little scars on my back side of my body only that never heal or go away. They are small and unnoticeable, but I know they are there. Not sure if they are related, but I noticed them after. I have only told a few people about my experience but just so others know they are not alone. I noticed after returning home a few thing that are different in my life but do  
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