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Lights UFO Sighting from Eagle Rock, Virginia November 2022

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I was traveling on 220 just before the elementary school just before dusk late November 2022. I have traveled this road for approximately 12 years, and this is the second time I have spotted this. This is kind of weird, but I was traveling along a long straight away and I must have been two to three miles away from the object. I knew this object was not manned by humans because it moved back and forth. It was so slow. If it would have been manned by humans, it would have fallen
    out of the sky because it would have stalled. I saw red large round flashing light on the right and a green flashing large light on the left. It hovered in the
same spot I had seen it approximately five years earlier. It stood still, and in a quick flash it went behind the mountain range. When I got to the top of the mountain, I would say I had a view of 20 miles, and I could barely see the blip of flashing lights. Then it was gone completely.

This object was in a triangular shape in appearance, and it hovered in the same spot nearly five years earlier just to the right of the top of the mountain in the exact same spot. It was flying so slow;
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