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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Hardwick, Massachusetts February 2023

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I was in the passenger seat of my friend's vehicle one weekend recently when we were heading home from the store to the Hardwick area from Ware, MA. Not long after passing by Janine's, my friend prepared to take a left onto what's known as the Gilbertville stretch when my fiancé (who was sitting in the backseat with our two daughters) started yelling, ''What was that?'' Our six-year-old daughter also saw this strange object in the sky that was shaped like a ''hot dog'' as she
    worded it and was scared. We then tried to pull over for a better look and did see a strange UFO from quite a distance that made no noise at all whatsoever. It
had no jet stream like that of an airplane. We also happened to see a plane as well, but it was not at all like that. We lost sight of it unfortunately after a few minutes and did capture this on both pictures / video but from our cheap kind of lousy quality cell phones.

It was very strange. You have to maximize the photos quite a bit to get a better look. My fiancé has a video that shows it better. It was shaped like a saucer and looked gray in color. It seemed to disappear
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