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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Wilmington, Delaware February 25 2023

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I was alone and driving south on I-95 going towards 1. I was on my way towards the city when I first noticed two perfectly spaced apart lights that were fixed. They weren't ascending or declining in height. They were above the tree line. They didn't have additional blinking lights like on a plane. They weren't moving yet. As I drove along further about a few miles, I looked up to my right, and the triangle of lights like a perfect triangle was rotating together as a pyramid. They
    didn't cross each other. They moved as if they were three points on an aircraft, all perfectly spaced apart maintaining the shape of the triangle 🔺️.
I was driving, and I know the others saw it too because they also slowed to watch the spectacle.

It rotated, shifted around, and before I could see more I drove around a bend of highway and was blocked by the buildings of Wilmington. I was heading to Middletown. On the way back at 8:30 p.m. I noticed these streaks of smoke in the sky. The sky was very clear on the way down to Middletown, and there wasn't any visible clouds on the way back. Just smoke streaks where the triangle
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