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Oval Object UFO Sighting from Holly Springs, Mississippi 1970

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My dad was an avid hunter. Whenever he came back home from hunting he liked to tell all the hunting stories - sometimes epic stories for while waiting for hours before taking the shot or very funny stories like using skunk oil to cover human scent and a sure fire way to make no friends. This time the story was different. He was hunting deer. I think, so I think it would have been in the fall. I'm no hunter, just remembering all the rules we were told growing up. A hunter would get
    to the tree stand before sunrise in order to get set up. I know he usually hunted around the Holly Spring's area on public land, ''out in the sticks'' as they say.

was the 1970s, maybe 1974 to 1976. He was driving on a gravel road in a deep in forested area. The road had thick forest on both sides. He said while he was driving there was a super bright light shining through the forest on his right but next to him but ahead. He stopped and turned off his Jeep. He said the light was so bright that he worried someone was illegally hunting using spot lights, and those people could be bad news. Instead he said that as it got closer that did not seem to  
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