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Lights UFO Sighting from Muldraugh, Kentucky 1999

I was coming off the exit from Louisville onto the New Joe Prather Hwy leading to Muldraugh. It had just turned dark when three giant lights descended towards us from the sky. I thought it was a jet liner that was going to land on us. It stopped before us, and a few seconds later two more lights shot out one on each side of the three lights. The lights were blinding. There was another car ahead of us, and the inside of it was alit like a stadium. The lights shot down at a 14' angle
    to our right in an instant, and they were gone. We never really spoke of this happening. It was like my then-husband and I were numb. We drove the remaining 45
minutes to our home in silence. It wasn't until years later I realized there was no sound. This has haunted me now for almost 25 years. I finally reported it to mufon and also asked Ft. Knox about it as this happened on its boundary line.

    - Posted by Rebecca Whitsett


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