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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Latham, New York

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I live in an open area in Latham, NY with a great view of all directions seated at decently higher elevation. I can see Albany, Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet, Colonie, Clifton Park, Loudonville, etc. If you're local you'd understand. Anyway, I go out a lot at night to smoke. I see UFOs like clockwork, especially UFOs observing the Albany Int'l Airport. I don't think most people realize how active they are in this area. I watch with two other witnesses / friends. We were 100% sober, no
    drinking or drugs due to our jobs but on a nightly basis. Sometimes an extra witness or two just to validate myself. My neighbor won't even look at me no more after
I put him onto it.

I see them a lot around 11-2:30 at night. Not every night but close enough to it. I know GE (General Electric) and Knowles Atomic power plant is only a couple of miles from me. They come from that direction and move towards Albany and abroad. I usually just look and watch them from afar. I don't gather photo or videos since I had a really bad encounter doing that once already. Not chancing it again. They are getting really bold. Couple chance sightings
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