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Vibrations UFO Sighting from Dell City, Texas January 2022

This peculiar event did not happen in dell city but very close to it . 9 miles south of Dell city is a camp ground called The Guad Campground. I rented a Tent in that campground in the month of January 2022. On the evening we were staying there at approx 11ish pm , while inside our rented yurt tent, we experienced a very strange event. While inside the tent , we started hearing a very loud humming sound, as the humming got louder, the ground all around us starting vibrating. When
    I say vibrating I mean the whole literal ground was vibrating, with a very loud humming sound being emitted. We have never experienced something like that before
and were fearful to step out our tent to investigate. Another thing that accompanied that humming sound and ground vibration was light. It felt like someone had focused a beam of light straight at our tent and everything was lit up. It almost made it feel like it was day light. That's how bright it was. As soon as the humming came and it also went away. The whole event lasted but what seems around 30 seconds. I will never forget it.

    - Posted by Anonymous 8101


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