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Pulsating Light UFO Sighting from Bushnell, Florida June 25 2023

I was outside walking my dog when my dog started barking frantically. Some near by animals in my neighborhood also started making noise around this time too. Thinking it was the train or a car or something I continued with my walk until I heard a whirring noise coming from above me and when I went to look I was hit with a strong gust of wind.
But when it passed I looked up and saw a bright orange dot in the sky appear and it moved around a bit pulsating at the same time as if
    it was getting closer or scanning for something. By this time I was already trying to run back home because my dog was absolutely loosing his shit.
But when
I looked back it was gone like it had never been there before. Could have sworn I heard some noises from some critters or something. Could have just been a firefly for all I know. June 25th 3 am

    - Posted by Anonymous


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