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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Clifford, Pennsylvania

260 church Street the new Roswell. There as many as a hundred men guarding this area sittings start at sun down and last to sun up my phones are taped ip number taken won't let me search tom Delong or Mr.
Bigelow Bigelow pictures although they have stolen a lot I've spread them out over the state this is 100% any one who can get to Clifford fair grounds at dusk with in 30 min you will see for yourself or come to my shop detailing but I must be care full as who I speak with ask
    for Robert but only after you have saw for yourself. They fog the area to try to hide them they also close in fog or cloud like smoke. This must get out spread
the word we've all been lied to time to see clear video and pics and have some technology as I feel unsafe please re post and get to 260 Church Street Clifford Pa and see for your self Robert K.

    - Posted by Robert K

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There's people on in side of this black project who told me the top is not going back on Bottel and Church Street Clifford PA is far far bigger then Roswell. Come see for yourself you we ill be escorted within minutes dusk to dawn. Best spot telescopic lens with high speed film and night vision. They cloak in a cloud like gas during day and fog the entire area if they suspect someone is watching. 2xx Church Street Clifford PA 18503.THIS GETS NO MORE REAL,PLEASE GET THIS INFO TO TOM DELONG AND MR BIGELOW.


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