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Disc UFO Sighting from Barksdale Afb, Louisiana 1997

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At about 9 pm in the summer in South Bossier City I was sitting in the back yard with a neighbor. We were facing east and had a clear view of the south end of the BAFB flight path where the B52 planes would often fly south and then turn around to head back north toward the base. My friend and I had grown up around the planes, so we knew what they looked like - even the jets and stealth planes. As we talked, we noticed that a pair of headlights were flying silently toward
    us. At first we didn't think anything of it because we were used to seeing plane headlights, but as it got closer we could see how low it was flying, and we noticed
it didn't have any sound. We stopped talking mid-conversation and stood up to get a better look.

The headlights flew right toward our houses. It was flying about 15 or 20 mph as it flew over us. It was disc shaped with no wings, and there wasn't any sound at all. It was grey and about the size of a small sedan. The only other detail was a pair of headlights on the front. (It was flying from the east to the west.) It flew over our houses about ten yards higher than the peak
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