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Craft UFO Sighting from Hayward, California 1978

My mother, younger sister, and myself ( ages 9 and 12) were coming home from a night at the Holiday Bowl in Hayward, CA. As we drove down Mission Boulevard to return home, a saucer like object appeared in the sky. It was flying forward but spinning like a top at the same time. As it came closer and closer to the air directly above us, we could see several windows that were all lit up and rotating in a circular motion as the rest of the object seemed to be moving slightly slower.
    It followed traffic for about five minutes then zipped out of sight, and it was gone. Nothing on the news that night, and even though many people saw it, it was
never mentioned again. I'm much older now and have seen many strange things but never anything else like that again. I'm quite sure that we saw something unknown to us at the time. If anybody from that time remembers this, I would love to speak with you bigsteel211 @gmail. com. Please email me.

    - Posted by David Hylton


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