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Craft UFO Sighting from Austin, Texas 2009

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In 2009 I was driving on 195 at dusk into Florence from Austin. In the field on the right just before the gas station with the cafe, there were bright yellow lights in the field. I thought, ''Oh wow that farmer has a huge light over their field all lit up like noon. What in the world.'' As I drove closer, I realized it was absolutely huge and in a circle. Then I passed a clearing of trees. I had to stop because there were at least fifty cars stopped in the road. Everyone was
    looking at this thing. Then suddenly it shot over in an instant directly over all of us in the highway. This thing was as large as the crafts on Independence Day.
Everyone freaked out and started calling 911. Some people who have been standing outside their cars jumped back in their car.

Then suddenly it became very loud. Then almost a deafening hum sound came from this craft. It hurt my body. It was so loud. Then a blue light in the center lit up, and it shot off to the west in an instant, and it was gone. I wish I had asked some people their names and kept in contact. I think we were also terrified. We could not wait to get out of
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