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Cylindrical Object UFO Sighting from Silver, Texas November 2017

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I was out deer hunting in November of 2017 with my brother. He was on a large hill to the north, and I was about six hundred yards away from him on a small hill. We both had a good pair of binoculars in order to keep a lookout on each other where we would be safe from firing towards one another. The sun was still high enough that it would be around an hour before it would go below the horizon. I noticed an object come from the western horizon with probably less speed than a military
    jet. I believe the nearest air force base in that direction would be in New Mexico. This object was like a cylindrical large missile without the cone of a warhead.
I estimate that it may have been five or six football fields long. It passed over the hill my brother was on, but it was completely silent.

I tried my binoculars first but couldn't get the image in the lenses. I had an iPhone but never thought about using it. When it was over the hill my brother was on, it was flying so low that I could see it looked to be painted a bright red color, and it looked like some kind of writing was at the end of the cylinder. This was on a weekend when
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