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Lights UFO Sighting from Blackwell, Texas November 02 2023

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Camping out near Oak Creek reservoir. My fiancé was smoking a cigarette outside. He then suddenly came to get me with a sense of urgency. I assumed it was an animal of some sort outside because we are animal people and enjoy the wildlife we encounter.
We went outside looked in the sky to see multiple maybe 3-4 white lights - what looked like stars - moving in the sky around each other. Going across the sky then going back the same direction it just came from making 90 degree
We were both in shock at what we were looking at. My finance and I continue to watch it for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then they just stopped moving
and we're staying still… needless to say we were pretty freaked out at what we say because there is not a logical explanation for what we had seen.

We still don't know what we saw. But I'm the days leading up to this night there had been an increase with military activity… I don't know if it's related or just coincidence…. But it's alllll creepy….
If you're in the area go outside turn the lights off and just look up for a good little while. I guarantee you will see something in
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