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Rectangular Object UFO Sighting from Marion, Illinois November 08 2023

My family member, his friend, and I were walking back to our vehicle in the dark after an evening deer hunt we made at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. It was a crystal clear night not a cloud in the sky, and we were walking along the main trail that is in between two wide open fields. As we neared the vehicles, we all three of us happened to notice an object in the sky. The object was the shape of a thin rectangle ten times as wide as it was tall. The rectangular part
    of the object was outlined by a thin teal greenish colored solid line. Inside of the ''rectangular'' area of the object were roughly twenty rows of two teal greenish
''dots'' that were spaced evenly across the object from left to right. The lights were similar to that of a colon ( : ). About 15 seconds after we noticed the object, it began to move through to air from left to right. The lights suddenly began to ''dim'' out, and the object disappeared completely. I tried to video the event with my phone, but I could not capture it in time.

    - Posted by Mitchell B.


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