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Round Object UFO Sighting from Ware, Massachusetts 1981

It was 1981 and I was twelve. My best friend and I were in my mother’s car and we were on Chestnut Street in Ware Massachusetts. It was a warm summer night and my rear window was rolled down. I looked out the window and saw a round UFO which was incredibly large. It stretched for what looked like at least 100 yards or more. I shouted out and my mother backed up. The three of us saw it and just watched as it hovered. The entire bottom looked like a maze of lines and lights.
    It was enormous. Yep, they are out there and very real.
In my neighborhood near Milner Ave, we saw bright, large, lights over the Warren, MA hills frequently
while growing up. Neighbors would be outside in the street watching these giant oval orbs, bobbing up and down, then zipping off rapidly. Once we called the police and they said it was probably a plane from Westover, AFB. We knew they were UFO’s.

    - Posted by Sawhitehouse


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