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Object UFO Sighting from Wilmington, Delaware July 2023

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I cannot believe the previous post on here as I saw something remarkably similar this year! While driving home to Wilmington from New Castle one evening around dusk in July 2023, we were nearing our exit (4A or 4B IIRC) when we saw some strange lights in an empty field off to the right of the interstate. They were a very pale slightly dim greenish color about the height of the tree line, and there were four of them. The airport is very close by but these lights were far too low
    with the wrong color and unblinking. We made that drive often and never saw anything like it, so it really drew our attention.

As we got closer, I was anxious
to get a better look and saw something very strange. The lights were coming from the bottom of a jet black object a little larger than an SUV which seemed to be flat and somewhat angular - think a 1980s style Corvette meets the Batmobile but even more bizarre looking. However, it was hovering perfectly still in the exact same spot we had first seen it in and making no noise whatsoever. I quickly scanned the area around it looking to make sure this wasn't a stationary object mounted  
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