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Abduction UFO Sighting from Meleti, Lithuania

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Not far from the town of Meleti north of Vilnius. It was a clear evening around 7 - 8 p.m. A group of us enjoyed a fire and traditional Lithuanian BBQ rice and meat on skewers. We stood in roughly a semi circle around the fire. We observed a round gold/white orb in the sky. It had an inner glow that was extremely bright with a less bright outer layer that was rotating. It was very high and moved fast getting closer and closer. We are in a village with lots of open space
    and sky. It was a clear evening. The ball of light became closer until it was roughly the size of a large gym ball. Then it paused above the apex of the summer

At this moment there was complete silence among us just staring at this light. I all of a sudden felt I was pulled into the light, and then all I can remember was looking down at all of us including myself standing in the semi circle around the BBQ very high up looking down. It looked like a train kit. Everything was completely still. After a short while I felt I was back down on the ground and back in my body. Looking up at the light that felt like it had not shifted. It
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