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Oblong Object UFO Sighting from Reasner, Iowa July 1972

In the summer of 1972 when I was 11, I spent many weekends at my best friend's sister's farm. Sometimes we would tag along with his brother-in-law when he and his buddies would go raccoon hunting in the middle of the night. One evening there were about six guys, my buddy, me, and probably around ten dogs. One of those dogs was a black and tan named Jack. He was the oldest dog there and by far the most hard-core hound in the bunch. Jack would never come back to the truck at daybreak.
    We would always have to go get him because that dog would not quit! Early in the night maybe only an hour in, all of the dogs came running back to the truck. Even

It was totally silent. Not a sound in the forest. In the sky above some clouds we could see a light. It was oblong kind of off white. There was no beam showing through the clouds, so we knew it wasn't a light shining from the ground. It would hover in one spot, then circle around, and hover in another spot. It scared the hell out of these grown men. We got in our trucks and sped back toward home. It lasted maybe three hours while fighter jets and helicopters flew around it. We tried calling the sheriff, but the line was busy all night. There was nothing mentioned in the papers or on the news.

    - Posted by Jade


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