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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from Bluffton, Ohio March 2015

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The whole story sounds so crazy, so here is a condensed version. I was driving northbound on 75 and stopped at Taco Bell and Wendy's on Commerce Drive. The last thing I remember was eating and getting back on highway. Then all of a sudden I realized it was dark out now, and my eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness. I kept thinking, ''When the hell did it get dark?'' My brother and daughter were both in the deepest of sleep. As I was trying to wake my brother up, I looked out
    the passenger window. There was a green light about 30 feet up behind the trees next to the highway. We were going at least 65 mph, and I saw the light for at least
30 seconds while I was screaming at my brother to wake up, so it was either moving along side us, or it was that huge of an object.

We were so confused and had missed calls from our dad because we should have been back by that time, but we had definitely lost time, and we were only 30 minutes up the road, and it was around 7 p.m. When we stopped for food, it was around 4:30 - 5 p.m. My daughter was three years old at the time. I tried for two or three minutes to wake her up.
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