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Temple, Georgia UFO Sightings

Temple, Georgia, Spherical Object UFO Sighting - Around 3 am I was walking my dog in the yard before bed. Saw a dim flash of blue light from above. When I looked up I saw a spherical light much large...

14 miles away: Carrollton, Georgia, Small Object UFO Sighting - In 1992 must have been around June I was driving on Hays Mill Road on my way to Carrollton, Georgia. It was late afternoon and I had just passed the i...

20 miles away: Douglasville, Georgia, Disc UFO Sighting - I saw a UFO yesterday. It was a disc shaped bright UFO that flew across the sky at about 11pm last night. Wish I had a picture of it but I couldn't ge...
01/25-2016 - 3 comments


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