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Cleveland, Tennessee UFO Sightings

Cleveland, Tennessee, Lights UFO Sighting - I was staying in one of the hotels on James Asbury Dr. Nw this summer of 2015. I came out of the room to have a smoke by the garbage dump, and I saw a...
11/30-2015 - 1 comment

21 miles away: Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lights UFO Sighting - Last night July 6 around 10:30 pm there were three lights travelling incredibly fast across the sky over Chattanooga. Did anyone else see this?...

23 miles away: Dalton, Georgia, Abduction UFO Sighting - About 1973 or 1974 I was a young college student living off Ware Road in North Dalton, GA in the country on a big hill. Late at night I looked out the...
11/28-2017 - 3 comments


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