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Kent City, Michigan UFO Sightings

Kent City, Michigan, Unspecified UFO Sighting - Last night I saw some really strange objects in the sky. There were at least 10 of them all over the sky. At one point a couple of them blinked then m...
05/06-2017 - 1 comment

12 miles away: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Triangular Object UFO Sighting - I was driving north bound on US131 somewhere between Grand Rapids and Big Rapids one evening after dark maybe 9 pm or so. I observed a triangle shaped...

12 miles away: Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bright Object UFO Sighting - I am reporting a UFO. Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan. Time: 7:30am March 25 2014. Saw glowing object hovering in the sky. Approx size of commercial ...
03/25-2014 - 1 comment


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