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Council Bluffs, Iowa UFO Sightings

Council Bluffs, Iowa, Disc UFO Sighting - A lot of people saw this UFO here a few hours ago. I took this picture of it. I took video too but the picture says a lot more I think. The video is l...
02/10-2016 - 8 comments

10 miles away: Omaha, Nebraska, Lights UFO Sighting - This August I was out looking at the stars behind my house. I was looking for shooting stars which are bountiful at that time of year. I must have sat...

10 miles away: Bellevue, Nebraska, Disc UFO Sighting - 6:15 am this morning there was a disc in the sky. I know at least 3 other people who saw it but there are probably plenty more. I called a local TV ne...
02/08-2016 - 3 comments


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