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Joice, Iowa UFO Sightings

Joice, Iowa, Aliens UFO Sighting - My dad was born in 1945. He woke up, was looking out kitchen window, every one was sleeping. Saw 4 aliens walking on his parents' farm. He was really ...

15 miles away: Albert Lea, Minnesota, Lights UFO Sighting - Last night around 10:25PM, I was sitting on the dock of my friends cottage located on Albert Lea Lake. During this time there was a sudden flash in th...

15 miles away: Albert Lea, Minnesota, Unspecified UFO Sighting - I canít be 100% positive it was an Alien UFO but I saw some sort of unidentified flying object at approx 2:17 am on June 7th 2021. It was shortly befo...


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