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Yukon, Oklahoma UFO Sightings

Yukon, Oklahoma, Orb UFO Sighting - Let me start by saying I don't claim to know what the thing was, and I'd anyone is interested. I will find out exactly what my old apartment was as I ...
10/15-2015 - 5 comments

16 miles away: Edmond, Oklahoma, Coverup UFO Sighting - How come there is no mention of the UFO sighting over Edmond, Oklahoma back in 1952. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in bed when there was ...

18 miles away: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Round Object UFO Sighting - It's in the middle of the night as I write this. I just saw a UFO in my back yard. I woke up to a light shining in through the window and I looked out...


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