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Los Angeles, California UFO Sightings

Los Angeles, California, Round Object UFO Sighting - My friend and coming home from club at about 1:00 pm we saw a bright orange round ball which was glowing and moving very slow. We stop and watched for...

Los Angeles, California, Unspecified UFO Sighting - There were red green blue screening each other and then there were times when they were just in the air sky. The shooting across the sky like they wer...

Los Angeles, California, Bright Object UFO Sighting - Bright object with long sparkly tail gliding through sky was able to stop and shift directions.
Mid City Los Angeles 09/05/15 7:50pm....
09/05-2015 - 1 comment

Los Angeles, California, Lights UFO Sighting - My son and I were driving down the 91 Freeway going toward Los Angeles International Airport. As we drove I noticed a formation of lights going in our...

Los Angeles, California, Landing UFO Sighting - Yesterday morning I noticed a strange set of burn marks in the grass in my backyard. There were 16 round burns 5 inches across arranged in a perfect c...
01/23-2014 - 1 comment

Los Angeles, California, Wedge Shape UFO Sighting - I was out in the backyard last night and I looked up and I saw a bright light that didn't look like a star or a plane or anything like that. It had a ...
11/26-2013 - 2 comments


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